Monday, January 09, 2006

Fort Living Room Georgia

After a week of travel and jumping through many hoops, I and a few of our soldiers made it home for the holidays. We came home as part of the advanced party to help prepare the way for the many who are to follow. In addition to counseling with soldiers and setting up my office, most of my time is spent providing reintegration briefings to the soldiers of our brigade who are now coming home. A friend of mine, Chaplain Kevin Sears, who has spent the year serving as our rear detatchment chaplain (counseling with families, accompanying the death notification officers, and conducting funerals) is my partner in giving these briefs. We have to brief about 3,500 soldiers on issues addressing awareness of expectations, alcohol, driving, marriage and family stressors, etc. We present Power Point briefings, projected onto the wall of a huge white tent; the normal audience is 300-400. It was nice to be home for Christmas, but a little unsettling that the majority of our soldiers were not afforded the same opportunity. I'll breath more easily when everyone is safely home.

Time is a shortage for me, so I will post several pictures and save my words for future posts. (Besides, the super fast DSL we have in our home makes uploading pictures so much easier than what we had in combat.)


Aunt Judy said...

Thank you for this gift.

I think of you and your family so often and this has helped me feel in touch. Dawn is an incrediably strong, beautiful woman. Your children are adorable.

Health, happiness, prayers and much love,
Aunt Judy

Aunt Judy said...
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A Newberry, Richmond HIll GA said...

I am writing to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ! Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for all you all are doing so that we can be free.

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