Friday, March 02, 2007

Caring for the Wounded and Honoring the Dead

In our first month of this deployment several of our soldiers have sustained wounds and two have been killed while conducting combat operations in Ramadi. A few of the wounded are receiving treatment in the States before returning; the others have or will soon return to duty. In addition to caring for our Soldiers as they come into Charlie Med (the emergency and trauma center here at Camp Ramadi) we also see Marines, Sailors, Airmen and US Contractors working with us--not to mention the many Iraqi Security Forces (Army and Police) and civilians who are rushed here. The following is an Army Times article reporting on our memorial ceremony for Private Matthew Zeimer (pictured above). An excerpt from my meditation and my commander's remarks are included: .

Last week we conducted a second ceremony for Private Kelly Youngblood (pictured left). These loses are understandably difficult, and a great deal of preparation and thought go into the otherwise simple ceremonies. Our commander concluded his remarks with these insightful words: "This war, these actions that we take here in Ramadi, is not just about the future of our world. The Iraqi people, with our help, must defeat this enemy. We cannot win this fight alone. It is only as the partner to Iraqi’s Army and police, their government and the citizens of this nation that we will defeat this threat. I’m not sure if Kelly Youngblood ever thought about that. I know that he thought about the fact that he didn't want to let his crew, his leaders and his buddies down. So he guarded, from his tank observation post and permitted US, Iraqi’s, and Americans to move freely in the streets of Ramadi."

"Sometimes we look at our actions and we think they are trivial. We take a shallow look and we see only the immediate. Private Kelly Youngblood was not on guard merely to protect us. His actions were part of a war that will protect and foster what we hold dear, Freedom, Democracy, and ultimately our way of life. Kelly, I don’t know if you ever thought about how important you are, but we just did. Thank You."


ResidentGoddess said...

Thank you for your service there...
It's hard to imagine what happens there so far away. Your website gives some information and the pictures help make a connection.
Please send prayers to our soldier SSG Matthew Jacobsen, 486th CA BN Camp Ramadi

Chaplain Kline said...

I have run into SSG Jacobsen and took a picture of us together. This took place in late March 2007 at COP Iron. He seemed to be doing quite well.

mykidsmomforever said...

I was so happy to find your blog with all its info and photos! If you meet SGT Will Jobe, 486 CA Bn, please give him a good old bear hug! He is Remnant LDS so he might have already met you sometime.God BLESS you for all you do for the troops, it was fascinating to read thru all your entries. God bless your family for their sacrifice.
Take care of yourselves, all of you--stay safe! You're all in our prayers.
Proud Army Mom

Anonymous said...

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