Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Iron for Anvil

As I have left Camp Ramadi for Camp Blue Diamond, our soldiers at the combat outposts in the city have moved into similar outposts in the nearby countryside. The Dark Knights have left Combat Out Post (COP) Iron for COP Anvil. The picture here is of the roof top of COP Anvil which the Soldiers have fashioned into a prison yard type gym: cleared away to make room to play some stick ball.

Many of these Soldiers are tankers, and my previous military service as a private and a tanker gives me some credence when it comes to ministry matters. These Soldiers' commander--Chris Haun--(pictured here) is conducting some business over the radio. This act is neither unusual nor important, but the flowers bring out the blush in his cheeks. In a similar vain of humor, SGT Tremain found a cushion for his cot that most Soldiers would have difficulty using. When it's time to work, the guys can get serious. They also appreciate levity.

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Bobbi Hayes said...

Haha! Only Eric could find a PINK cushion all the way in Iraq! lol ;o) Thanks for keeping us updated with the blogs. Stay safe and hurry home!! I LOVE YOU ERIC TREMAIN!! ESEMEHED!! ;O)