Sunday, June 03, 2007

Celebrating Benjamin

Tomorrow, Benjamin will be celebrating his 9th Birthday. He will be having a pizza party at the bowling alley; I'm sure he'll bowl a few strikes too! He did a great job of helping his mother during my first deployment in 2005 when I missed his 7th birthday. He's doing an even better job this time around. Being away from our boys is easily the most difficult thing I experience in a combat zone. It is not only the military and contractors who support us who sacrifice--it is our families back home. Although it hurts to know our boys are deprived of their fundamental need for Dad--I have hope that the lessons of sacrifice we demonstrate and which they experience will help prepare them for a rich life experience. (It seems extreme, but should Jesus' admonition--he who loses his life will find it--only apply to adults?)

Well, Benjamin may have thrust upon him difficult experiences that force him to grow up before he's ready--but just to illustrate he's every bit a boy, I am posting here some of my favorite pictures of him enjoying life. Benjamin, we love you. Thank you for reminding us how blessed we are and how beautiful life is.


Adam said...

I was looking for military blogs today. I am an 18 yr old kid going into the Army. I've been trying to follow God with this decision. I haven't signed anything, yet, but I am planning on going to Nashville (I live in Huntsville, Alabama) Tuesday to take my ASVAB. I just thought I would give you kind of a background on me before I commented on your post about your son.

I just want to let you know that I am thankful for men like you. Good fathers. I grew up without a real father. It is really hard. I'm sure your son misses you, but he knows you love him.

I'll be keeping a tab opened for your blog. I'll read as you update. Again, thanks and God Bless you!

Chaplain Kline said...


Thank you for the feed back; it means more than know. Many of the Soldiers I care for long for father figures. I try to help them see that ultimately, the yearning we all have for our fathers has its satisfaction in a personal relationship with our Heavenly Father. I pray the Lord will guide you in your life's decisions. Should you join the Army, remember it will always be difficult (often in ways you don't expect)--but it is a noble profession. God bless you.

CH Kline

Anonymous said...

Dearest Chaplain Kline,

Congratulations on Ben's birthday!! You and Dawn are raising such a beautiful family together. I sure do love you and pray for your safety daily. God Bless you on your journey.

Love your little sis,

P.s. I hope you write a book some day but we sure are thankful you keep up on your blog today! Thanks! xo xo xo xo

Dawn Garutti said...

I am greatful for receiving info about this blog... my husband and I have a strong foundation in the Lord... and I have no doubt you have just been sent to me!!!!
I really need to speak with you... when you have the time...
Thank You!!!
God Bless!!!

Adam said...

Thank you, Chaplain.