Saturday, August 18, 2007

Fishing in Iraq?

That's right! The Soldiers of Delta Company have recently discovered an innovative technique for decompressing in a combat zone--fishing. In their battle space there are a few small ponds they recently learned were fish hatcheries. Incredulous, a few of them had their wives ship them their poles and reels. As they tell it--and we all know what a fish story is, don't we?--they have yet to catch anything. But, one of them claims he had a fish bite his lure in half. (SSG Crowley is pictured above. He wants to assure his loving wife he only dips while he fishes.) Because fishing in combat requires one to be in all his gear and others to pull security, it's not the relaxing pastime we know it to be back home. They are able to do so for only a few minutes. (You'll notice in this picture the manned gun truck and personnel out front.) The novelty of doing so in a combat zone has just enough of the bizarre that it also serves as comic relief.

Now to be fair, Red Platoon (featured below in the post Breaking Track at Anvil) do not do this regularly. Missions keep them pretty busy. What's more, their home, COP Anvil, has been transported a few hundred yards away to a plywood compound they have respectfully named JSS Lewis, after SGT Adrian Lewis--a fellow tanker killed in action (see post below Remembering Our Brothers). The task of transporting all their equipment and supplies has kept them busy. Fishing will have to wait. Perhaps when the weather cools. (Pictured above is their new home, JSS Lewis, and here, their old one, COP Anvil.

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