Sunday, December 09, 2007

The "Gov" Center

Once a week, we visit our Delta Company Soldiers at the Government Center in downtown Ramadi. Their primary mission is force protection: providing security from their various guard positions. This mission is considerably different from previous missions they’ve conducted while they were located at JSSs Iron, Anvil, and Lewis. From the perspective of the average Soldier, and even their leaders, their mission is monotonous and boring. The Government Center is located well behind several check points and concrete barriers. Local government administrators--including judges--keep their offices here. With the successful turn of tribal sheikhs we've witnessed this year, we've also seen Iraqis looking more to their own government officials for economic stability, security and infrastructure. Our Soldiers are present to help Iraqi Police provide the necessary security to ensure continued success. So, although boring, this mission is essential. It doesn’t take long for a Soldier to realize that the Hollywood aspects of combat are too few to sustain one’s commitment. It comes down to believing that your very limited responsibilities make a difference and that your leaders are wise.

Included here with pictures of the Government “Gov” Center, is a picture of us worshiping in the TV room. To the right is their Company Commander, and my friend, Captain Chris Haun.

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Infuse Me said...

We are praying for you brother. Keep up the faith. I can see from you blog that the Lord is blessing your efforts encouraging the discouraged.

May God richly and deeply bless you.