Saturday, December 22, 2007

USO Tour

To support the morale of those serving in combat zones, the USO organizes celebrity shows. We don't get them very often "out in our neck of the woods", but when we do the Soldiers and Marines seem to enjoy them. (See the post on Chuck Norris below.) This past week Sergeant Tremain and a few of our Soldiers traveled over to Camp Ramadi to see Miss USA, Lewis Black (comedian), Lance Armstrong, Robin Williams, and Kid Rock. Soldiers get tired of hearing celebrities tell them that they are their heroes. It's not because they question their sincerity--it's just they don't believe they are heroes. They are much more interested in hearing Lance Armstrong talk about overcoming cancer and winning the Tour de France, laugh at Robin Williams, or hear Kid Rock perform. Their favorites were Robin Williams and Kid Rock.

The celebrities always seem different to them when they're live, and in person. The guys will comment, "She's prettier than her picture." Or, "I thought he would be taller." Some of our Soldiers invited their guests to sign the gun tube of their tank.

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