Monday, January 21, 2008

Bravo's Bridge Operation

A while back, the enemy destroyed a bridge used to cross a river in our area of operations. Then, before any efforts to repair it, they blew it up again, and again--never quite satisfied with their efforts. More recently our engineers have constructed a new bridge just upriver. Our Soldiers in Bravo company share the responsibility of guarding the bridge and the area in the vicinity. Each week a different group of Soldiers goes up to the bridge and takes shifts in the over watch towers. Iraqi Army soldiers are there too. They inspect the vehicles crossing. In the picture up top, a convoy of Iraqi Army gun trucks roll across the bridge.
SGT Tremain and I visited with SSG Knudsen and his squad, while CSM Sumner met with their platoon sergeant, SFC Rodriguez. (Pictured next to me here at the top of one tower is SGT "Q".) I took the opportunity to take a few pictures of our Soldiers keeping warm next to a fire, and a few who were snug in their beds. For the week they are up at the bridge, these guys are away from what few comforts Hawas provides: electricity, heat, Internet, phones and occasional showers.

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