Friday, March 21, 2008

Weathering Highs and Lows

Iraq has peculiar weather and terrain conditions. When I first arrived in Iraq in January 2005, I was surprised by how cold and rainy it was. There seemed to be a couple of months of winter, a month of spring, and then the rest of the time was summer. It seemed this was a land of extremes. The dust storms were particularly miserable. As stated below, the sand in Iraq is not beach sand; it's not tiny pebbles, but dust from clay; it is fine, powder like flour. This dust gets everywhere! It can destroy computers and other equipment just as quickly as it can get into every nook of your sinus cavity. We welcome the rain as it knocks down the dust and clears the air--but it sure makes it miserably muddy. I am including a few pictures of the weather here lately. Nearing the end of March--it doesn't feel like Spring--it's too hot. But just last week we experienced a memorable dust storm. The picture above is a satellite photo of Iraq. You can see the dust storm moving in on the west and the clouds on the east (right).


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