Saturday, October 27, 2007

R&R 2007 1 of 2

My R&R during this deployment fell within the first half of October--hence my long silence. R&R is a long waited for opportunity we all desperately look forwrd to. I trust you will not only forgive the lack of posts to this blog, but also indulge me to post several of my favorite pictures of me and my family.

Shortly after the announcement that our 12 month deployment had been lengthened to 15 we were informed that our 15 days of R&R were similarly lengthened to 18--a silver lining to be sure. For the first week during my R&R I took Dawn to our denominational conference and chaplains' seminar in Salt Lake City, while my parents cared for our boys an hour south of us. I must confess we skipped out a session or two to drive down and be with them, but the conference and seminar did allowed Dawn and me an opportunity to enjoy some alone time and spiritual renewal.

Travel from our area of operations in western Iraq to Georgia and then out West and back was draining, but oh so worth it. After nine months away from my sweet wife and our dear boys--they were just the Rest and Relaxation the doctor ordered. My parents, pictured here, were very giving of their time and energy. It was nice to see them and other family as well.

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