Saturday, October 27, 2007

R&R 2007 2 of 2

After a week out west for the Church's General Conference and the Chaplains' seminar, we picked up the boys and spent the remainder of my R&R at home in the Fort Stewart area. We enjoyed ourselves without much traveling. Above is a picture of Jared napping while we wait to have tires put on Dawn's car. In those circumstances, I'm usually a bit anxious to be finished so I can get on to more important things. I didn't feel that way then; they could have taken all day. We visited the local zoo and saw cool animals like deer, buffalo, and bald eagles. I gave the boys haircuts, for which they sat rather well. We bought the video game Guitar Hero II, which allows you to use a guitar-shaped game controller to TRY to keep up while popular and classic rock songs are being played on the screen by your costumed designed band. You (your character) preform before a live audience. Benjamin is very good; his band is Ginger Power. I am alright; my band is SloppyJo. Dawn is still learning; her band is BelaBlonde. The game is a hoot, which many of our Soldiers enjoy here in Iraq. We also visited a Japanese restaurant. Jared found the flaming, onion ring volcano unsettling. However, he did enjoy the byproduct. Thanks for letting me share our travel log. These memories are precious:

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Bobbi Tremain said...

I am sorry that I was not able to see you and down while you were down. I had ended up coming down with a terrible cold and strep and I didn't want you guys to get it as well. I am still fighting the cold and now Gabby is sick as well. I am glad to see you had a good R&R. I love the top pic of you and Jared. It is so sweet. I know that Eric is excited to see you again. I hope all is well with you. You guys are in my thoughts and prayers!!!